Anchor Childcare have put in place policies and procedures in areas such as hygiene, child protection, child development, health and safety and human resources to reflect the most recent and best practice in the childcare area. Staff follow rigorous cleaning schedules. All toys and equipment are cleaned and sanitised regularly with touch points being cleaned multiple times a day to help minimise the risk of the spread of infection. Policies and procedures are constantly being reviewed and improved. Samples of our policies include:


It is the policy of Anchor Childcare Centre to provide each child with an individual registration number and a registration file in order to maintain records as outlined in the Preschool Regulations under the Childcare Act 1991 such as:

– Child’s and parents name address and contact details
– Childs family doctors details, medical details and immunisation record
– Childs date of birth
– Details of any special requirements
– Collection authorisation
– Date placement commenced
– Date placement ceased


Fee Payment Policy

• Fees are payable each Monday in advance of childcare provision.
• Anchor Childcare is closed the week after Christmas day and no fees are required from parents.
• We cannot accept children into the crèche before their agreed start time for safety reasons.
• Full fees are payable when a child is absent from the centre for any reason.
• On Registration, a deposit of one weeks fee plus a week in advance is payable on registration for an agreed service.
• On Leaving, a parent must complete the centre Advance Notice of Leaving Form a minimum of one month before their child is due to leave the centre. A deposit will only be refunded on receipt of a minimum of one months notice in writing of intention to withdraw a child from the service.
• On a change to the agreed service, If a parent wishes to change their agreed service they must complete and sign a new Financial details Agreement.

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It is the policy of the Centre to only allow people over sixteen years and authorised by parents on the collection list to collect children from the Centre. Parents should ensure they inform Centre staff if they wish to update this list. Parents may also nominate a person who may be contacted to collect a child in an emergency. Parents are requested not to give the centre door code to any person who is not on the collection list.


Anchor Childcare Centre has commissioned a company doctor. The Centre Doctor will maintain files on any children referred and will inspect the Centre twice a year. This doctor has agreed to prioritise children referred by the Centre in cases of emergency or accident. Management may also refer to the Centre doctor with regard to enforcing our Exclusion Policy and in cases of unusual absenteeism or occupational injury among staff members. The Centre doctor’s details are as follows:

Baldoyle Medical Centre
Racecourse Shopping Centre
Grange Road
Dublin 13



It is the policy of the Centre to bring children on outings from time to time. The Centre will maintain recommended ratios at all times. For day excursions parents will be asked to provide additional authorisation specific to the day trip.


It is the Policy of Anchor Childcare Centre to offer a school collection service for children attending local schools in Baldoyle.


Children may be photographed and/or audio/video recorded from time to time while in the care of Centre staff for observation purposes and to record children as they engage in key experiences throughout the day. Centre staff also use photograph labels to enable non-reading children to relate easily to items. In certain cases pictures may be used for advertisement purposes, in which case parents will be asked for additional consent in advance.


In the interest of health and safety Anchor Childcare used a CCTV and digital recording system and has positioned cameras so they will cover all areas of the premises. In the future Anchor Childcare Centre will have web cameras installed to facilitate better access for parents to the child’s daily routine. On occasion these cameras may be used for advertisement purposes, in which case parents will be asked for additional consent in advance.


In the interest of Health, Safety and best practice, all illnesses, which occur within Anchor Childcare Centre, are recorded and any action taken to control the spread is documented. All parents receive a copy of our exclusion policy and will be informed of any contagious illnesses that may occur within the Centre as notices are placed on our health notice board and throughout the Centre.

Certain symptoms in children and adults may suggest the presence of communicable diseases. Children/Staff who display any of these symptoms will at the Manager’s discretion be excluded from the Centre until (a) a doctor has certified that the symptoms are not associated with an infection or they are no longer a treat to the health of others in the Centre (b) the symptoms have subsided or (c) the disease is no longer contagious. In all instances, the Manager reserves authority on excluding a child from the Centre when they are ill and may refer the parent to a doctor before admission is regained


The staff at Anchor Childcare Centre will not administer any medication without prior permission from parents. In cases where a child needs medication a Medicine Permission Form must be completed before any medication is given. Staff will only administer prescribed medication that is clearly labelled with a child’s and doctor’s name. If a parent is contacted in an emergency they may request their child receive an emergency dose of Calpol while awaiting collection.


Confidentiality is paramount in Anchor Childcare and it is our policy to include in all contracts of employment a secrecy and integrity clause, which is signed and strictly adhered to in the interest of child protection, the family and all Centre matters.


It is the policy of the Centre that all childcare and housekeeping staff wear uniforms relevant to their position within the Centre. Uniforms enable the child to easily identify their caregiver or person of trust in the Centre environment.

If you require any help please feel free to contact us today and we would be happy to assist you with your childcare needs.

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