All families are welcomed into the centre. We understand parents may not always be in agreement with centre policy whether it is in regard to hours offered, fees, curriculum, gender roles or child discipline methods. However, we will encourage parents to share their beliefs and will always discuss options and offer explanation if what a parent wants goes directly against centre policy or values of the service. It is important to us that all families feel a sense of belonging in the centre and we will strive to work in partnership with parents through the following activities:

Staff work in co-operation with parents to ensure consistency in approach to best practice quality childcare.

Our Key Worker system encourages stability and continuity in caring for each child. Children will be encouraged to form relationships with all staff within the Centre, however the Key Worker in each room will link closely with parents in helping a child to settle each day and will provide regular feedback on the progress of the children.

Parents are encouraged to participate and work with us in a variety of ways such as planning special events, fundraising, volunteering to partake in centre activities, or providing input into program development, and policy making within the Centre.

If a child does not understand the primary language of the Centre staff will encourage parents to translate words of particular interest to the child so we can learn key phrases in the child’s language.

We have a grievance procedure in place.

In Anchor Childcare we recognise the importance of using a variety of media in our communication to parents and in the interest of best practice, have the following in operation:

During registration parents are given a pack containing information and policies and procedures and have an opportunity to discuss their child’s needs and have any questions answered.

Staff make equal efforts to communicate with each parent in their group and when giving feedback will concentrate on positive aspects of the child’s day. Any criticism of the child should only be constructive in order to be of benefit.

We have an internal telephone system in place so parents can contact a key worker during the day if they have concerns. In certain circumstances it may be necessary for staff to meet with parents individually to discuss their child’s progress. Every effort will be made to ensure the time and place of meetings are chosen with respect to parents and staff working hours.

A monthly newsletter is emailed to parents with various updates and information.

We have a community notice board in reception where parents can post or view notices relative to childcare, the community of Baldoyle and its environs.

We have a health and safety notice board where information on policies is posted regularly and/or emailed to parents regarding health and safety.

As children are brought to their parents at the classroom door verbal feedback is provided for parents with information such as food, bottles, sleep patterns.

We have a suggestion box in reception providing parents, staff and children with an opportunity to provide feedback or provide suggestions on improvements in the service. We also invite parents to email us with any comments, questions or suggestions.

The daily routine and room plans for each room are displayed with activities a child is partaking in.

If you require any help please feel free to contact us today and we would be happy to assist you with your childcare needs.