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Anchor Childcare Centre is a non profit service and is a registered Charity with a registered charity Number of CHY18054. Our service was established in 2001 by Baldoyle Forum Limited, a community development organisation to meet the childcare needs of the community. Anchor Childcare Centre provides not only quality, affordable childcare caring for children in a way that ensures quality of life for children and equal opportunities for all but also an early education service where each child is encouraged to develop to the best of their own individual ability.

We combine sessional education services with full day-care and after school care in order to provide the best possible service for parents and children.

Current fees are €200 for full time care, €100 for part time and afterschool care and €70 for sessional care. Parents registered on the National Childcare Scheme (NCS), ECCE scheme or TEC schemes receive subventions which reduce the cost of their childcare. Parents can review the scheme information on www.ncs.gov.ie to get an idea of their subvention.

The Centre has large spacious rooms catering for the Waddler, Playschool, Montessori and After School age groups. Each child is progressed through each room based on their developmental age, ensuring each child gets the best care and education to suit their individual needs.

Anchor Childcare is registered for the Government ECCE Free Preschool Place Scheme. The aim of this scheme is to provide two years of free preschool education to children before they start primary school. To check your child’s eligibility please click here

To book your free preschool place or to get a reduction on your full time fees call Shereen now on 8399025.

Anchor childcare Centre is Notified to Tusla and is regularly inspected by the preschool officers to ensure the service complies with the preschool regulations.

If you require any help please feel free to contact us today and we would be happy to assist you with your childcare needs.