The centre uses the Aistear curriculum which describes learning and development through four interconnecting themes. Adults in the child’s environment support children’s learning through four themes with learning goals for each theme. Partnership with parents is a huge part of our service, we have developed weekly plans to communicate to parents how we support children’s early learning and development. Everything in the centre, from the layout of our rooms to our curriculum, and our staff training plan supports children’s development. Each week childcare workers plan activities to support the learning goals for each theme. Activities are developmentally appropriate and based on children’s interests as well as the overall centre curriculum.  

Anchor Childcare Centre is committed to ensuring best practice and quality for the children in our care. Using a play based approach to learning children construct their understanding of their environment through active involvement with people, materials and concepts. The children acquire knowledge by actively experiencing the world through interaction such as exploration, manipulation, routine, repetition, practice and experimentation in their environment. Qualified competent staff support children’s initiatives and desire to explore their environment. Staff understand that children are self-motivated to explore and that these explorations lead to key experiences, which are a fundamental part of each child’s growth and development. Children are at all times encouraged to talk about their activities and experience to encourage language development. In the process the children develop interest, curiosity, resourcefulness, independence and responsibility, habits of mind that will serve them through to their adult life. The teacher focuses on what the child can do and these strengths are built on. Anchor Childcare will continually examine, evaluate and update practices and programs we have in place to ensure best practice quality care is maintained throughout the Centre.